2024 has been a doozy so far - update & explanation on order delays!

2024 so far in a nutshell:

🥳 New Year's Day, I came down with flu B  🤧(my first time ever having the flu) and I was super sick for two weeks.

🤒 The flu turned into an infection.
During all this, the auxiliary heat in the furnace malfunctioned, but we were able to shut off the breaker in time to prevent a full on electric fire - but we had to rely on space heaters to keep the main area & sleeping spaces warm for 17 days during extreme cold temperatures. 🥶 The temps in my studio were well below freezing. ❄️

The heater was finally was fixed last week, but then a tachycardia episode sent me to the ER, thinking it was a heart ♥️ attack (thank goodness for false alarms, just my heart being a silly goose after a stressful three weeks.😅)

Aaaaand last Wednesday, my eldest fractured their ankle. 🦴❤️‍🩹

Whew. If you read this far, you’re amazing. I have been absent while dealing with all of this, and am hustling to catch up on open orders & subscription monsters! Which brings me to THIS photo - check out January’s Monster of the Month


I wanted this design to represent how we go into a new year with our past selves AND our future selves, and how beautiful that is. 💛💚 These will be shipping late, along with February’s M.o.M., to current Ko-Fi subscribers. If anyone wants to get a one-off of this design but doesn't need a monster every month, it’s available on my Ko-Fi shop as a one time option. 🫶🏻

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Mucho smoocho, monster lovers!

PS: If you’re waiting on a scarf order, I shipped 3 orders from my queue today. There are only 5 orders remaining, and I hope to have all filled by next Monday!


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