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Finding handmade gifts for kids that are 1. affordable and 2. something kids will actually want to play with isn't often easy. So I thought I'd do the legwork for you parents and caregivers - so you can spend more time snuggling your kids, baking cookies and making memories & less time frantically searching for gifts this holiday season! All items listed in this gift guide are $50 or less, are handmade in America AND are all items I have bought for my kids or nieces and nephews or were directly referred to me by other parents who love the...

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gift guide, great gifts for kids, handmade, holiday gifts for kids, kids gifts, shopping for kids, toys -

Did you know I have twelve nieces and nephews? That's a LOT of holiday gifts! That's why I thought I'd put out a gift guide with some affordable and adorable holiday gifting options for other mamas that may have mile long shopping lists this holiday season! All of the gifts within this guide are $25 or LESS! Enjoy! Unicorn Mask by Crafty Caitie These masks are great for kids of all ages that love to pretend play and dress up - meaning that they will be used long after the holidays are over! Caitie also has dragons, super heroes and...

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