Limited Edition Halloween Unicorn Small Mon-stor Toy Storage Bag - Monroe

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These unicorn Mon-stors are only available for a limited time! They can be used as trick or treat bags, and then for years after to hold toys, books, and more around the house! They can also be used as holiday stockings, spring baskets and can become a quirky holiday tradition unique to your family! They have a special sparkly horn atop their lovely manes, and little hooves instead of monster hands. 

Just a few of the things you can "feed" your Mon-stor:

-Odd socks in the laundry room
-Small toys like dolls, doll clothes, blocks, action figures, toy cars & more in the play room
-Coloring books, crayons & markers
-Puzzles & building toys so there are no lost pieces after play
-Snacks, juice boxes & small toys/activities in the car for commutes to extracurricular activities or road trips
-Pajamas and a book by the bed, or tomorrow's outfit to make getting ready for school a breeze in the morning

But hey, Mon-stors aren't just for kids! They can also be used to hold reusable grocery bags in the car, hats, scarves & gloves in the mudroom, dog toys in the den & more. There are countless uses for these cute monster storage solutions!

Small Mon-stors measure approximately 17" tall by 9" wide and are weight tested to hold 10lbs, making them the top choice for handmade, heavy-duty toy & laundry storage. Mon-stors are only intended as a storage solution & while they have a huge appetite are never to be used as pillow cases, sleeping bags or for children to play in!

These colorful, handcrafted storage solutions are the perfect addition nurseries, play rooms or a child's bedroo! Kids will love the bright colors & happy personalities each monster has and moms will love that Mon-stors make cleaning up fun! Children will actually enjoy "feeding" their monster each night before bed, helping to instill a lifelong habit of tidying up at the end of the day.

Each Mon-stor is totally ecofriendly, handmade from colorful salvaged textile discards to help reduce landfill waste & enrich childhoods all across the globe with fun little monster friends that making cleaning up fun!

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