Mega Stuffed Forest Monster - Ellinore

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Ellinore sleeps on a bed made of moss, and likes to make flower crowns for all their friends!

Limited Edition Winter Monsters have two cute antlers that are appx. 7" tall.

Made from textile discards that have already lived a loved & long life, Lu & Ed stuffed monsters are made with integrity & filled with love. These too-cute Monsters are made to go to the park, be thrown through outer space when playing aliens & astronauts, to be hidden under couch cushions and in the dog bed during hide and seek.

Children love the bright colors and happy smiles of Lu & Ed monsters, and moms will love that they are totally eco-friendly, handmade with upcycled fabrics - making each Lu & Ed stuffed monster as unique as the child who adopts them!

Lu & Ed stuffed monsters encourages children to use their imagination for creative play, making them perfect for child led learning environments & unplugged play.


Lu & Ed Stuffed Monster made to go through life with a child - and when they get dirty, a quick bath in the washing machine (they prefer cold baths, no bleach) and laying on a towel to dry (so their hair stays *fabulous*, of course).


Measures appx 21" from toe to top x 20" across including limbs, body is 9-10" wide