Monster Tooth Pillow

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Move over Tooth Fairy, there’s a new monstrous way to reward children for their teeth!

Mon-stor Tooth Pillows are handmade, ecofriendly monster pillows – and their little ‘mouth’ is a pocket to tuck a lost tooth into and prop beside the bed. Parents can swap out the tooth for a monetary reward, or one of 40 reward cards that is included as a download to print at home with each Mon-stor Tooth Pillow. Reward cards include:

A trip to the zoo
Movie night – complete with PJs, popcorn and kids choice of a movie
Pick a new book at the book store
Ice cream treat
A trip to the bowling alley
30 extra minutes before bed
Dance party

And many more! There is a variety of cards so parents can mix it up and chose the rewards geared towards their child’s interests.

Why reward cards?

Losing teeth is scary. Sure, a few bucks from the Tooth Fairy is nice, but nothing beats quality time with your family! Each reward card allows the child to redeem the card their parents tucked into their Mon-stor Tooth Pillow whenever they want – and helps create treasured memories through fun family activities!

- This Tooth Mon-stor Pillow measures approximately 4.5"x4.5"

Each Mon-stor Tooth Pillow is made from cotton fabric scraps and stuffed with polyfil. Since they are made with fabric scraps sizes vary.