Crinkle Monster Sensory Toy

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These small blankets are created for tactile play which aids in sensory development with various textures and fun ribbons to grasp on for little ones. They include a small loop to attach to a ring to prevent drops from the car seat or stroller.

Each Mon-stor Sensory Blanket measures approximately 8"x8" & are made from felt, fleece, satin, cotton, fur, pleather or flannel. Each sensory blanket is made from recycled fabric & materials, so they are one of a kind!

Moms will love that each Mon-stor Sensory Blanket is handmade in Asheville, North Carolina, from textile discards - such as blankets, robes, pajamas, sheets, curtains & other fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfills. Babies & toddlers will enjoy the different textures & bright pops of color!

Each carefully crafted Mon-stor Sensory Blanket has a variety of different ribbons sewn beneath the happy face on the blanket, with multiple layers of reinforced stitching to ensure safety.  

Their size makes them ideal for road trips, play dates, trips to the park or to tote around the house. They make wonderful baby shower, new mom or first birthday gifts, too!

Please do not leave babies unattended with Mon-stor Sensory blankets or any other type of blanket. If there is any wear from regular use that results in a broken seam or loose stitching, please return to me for repair (free of charge!).