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What are Mon-stor Toy Storage Bags?
  • Mon-stors make cleaning up fun! Each Mon-stor is handcrafted from salvaged textile discards using a zero waste production process.
  • Mon-stor Toy Storage Bags are the top choice for parents who want to encourage their child to learn to tidy up! Unlike baskets & bins, Mon-stor Toy Storage Bags take up no floor space & can be hung from a door knob, bed frame, hook in the wall, in the closet  or even in the car to tame sports equipment!
  • Children love to "feed" their monsters their toys or laundry, making cleaning up fun & engaging while encouraging imaginative play!
  • Each Mon-stor is one of a kind & as unique as the child who adopts them! All Lu & Ed products are sustainably made from textile discards that are collected by me from salvage centers (their last stop before heading to the landfill), and I use a zero waste production process - using every tiny bit of fabric down to thread snippets for stuffing! - so Lu & Ed products diverts THOUSANDS of pounds of textiles from landfills every year!
  • But hey, Mon-stors aren't just for kids! They can also be used to hold reusable shopping bags in the kitchen, hats, scarves & gloves in the mudroom, dog toys in the den & more. There are countless uses for these cute monster storage solutions!
  • Mon-stors measure 2' tall by 18" wide and are weight tested to hold 25lbs, making them the top choice for handmade, heavy-duty toy & laundry storage. The expanding stomach holds up to 10 Build-a-Bear sized stuff animals or a whole load of laundry.
  • Mon-stors are only intended as a storage solution & while they have a huge appetite are never to be used as pillow cases, sleeping bags or for children to play in!

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