Mother of Monsters Keychain

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Choose from fully engraved or scored (better for coloring)! Each are 3.5 inch White Birch.


These can be left in their natural wood state, or customized with paint, and even markers, crayons or colored pencils!!!

What is a Mother of Monsters?

Mothers of Monsters are a little edgy, maybe they drop a swear here and there when they step on the Lego their kids left in the floor. Their house isn't always spotless & tidy (um, maybe I'm just talking about myself here), but it sure is full of love & joy. Maybe they have rainbow hair in a faux hawk, or maybe they rock the cute messy mom bun 24/7. Maybe they have tattoos, or maybe they live in leggings & band tee shirts - but they know who they are: badass, loving mothers of monstrously amazing, brilliant, adorable children. Here's to those moms.

Products will ship from my single mama partner Kashmir, who creates these amazing keychains for me!