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Lu & Ed

Noodle Stuffed Monster - Sugar Booger

Noodle Stuffed Monster - Sugar Booger

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Made from textile discards that have already lived a loved & long life, Lu & Ed stuffed Noodle Monsters are made with integrity for rough play and are designed for neurodivergent kids (and adults!) who like to stim through tactile exploration. My favorite way to use Noodle Monsters is to smooth down their hair then hit them against a surface so it floofs right back out! This is a great calming tool for kids who like to hit, because it gives them a save way to create that motion against a surface instead of a human, while being soft and non-damaging.

Children love the bright colors and silly faces of Lu & Ed monsters, and parents will love that they are totally eco-friendly, handmade with upcycled fabrics - making each Lu & Ed stuffed monster as unique as the child who adopts them!

Lu & Ed stuffed monsters encourages children to use their imagination for creative play, making them perfect for child led learning environments & unplugged play.



Lu & Ed Stuffed Monster made to go through life with a child - and when they get dirty, a quick bath in the washing machine (they prefer cold baths, no bleach) and laying on a towel to dry (so their hair stays *fabulous*, of course).


Measures appx 14" from toe to top x 2.5" across including limbs.

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