Handmade gifts for kids - under $50

Handmade gifts for kids - under $50

Finding handmade gifts for kids that are 1. affordable and 2. something kids will actually want to play with isn't often easy.

So I thought I'd do the legwork for you parents and caregivers - so you can spend more time snuggling your kids, baking cookies and making memories & less time frantically searching for gifts this holiday season!

All items listed in this gift guide are $50 or less, are handmade in America AND are all items I have bought for my kids or nieces and nephews or were directly referred to me by other parents who love the products, meaning I can personally vouch for the enthusiasm kids have for these awesome toys!

BONUS: Nothing on this list requires batteries or makes noise. Your caregiver friends (and your own ears) will thank you for shopping from this list.

Wearable toys by Wolfe and Scamp

These cute dino hoodies are wonderful pretend play gifts that practical and can be used year round!

Sensory Play Kits & Subscription Boxes by Messy Play

For kids that love tactile and sensory play, a subscription to a sensory box or one of the one off kits that Messy Play offers would be a great gift! If you check out the holiday page, they have gifts for as little as $12!

Pretend Play Masks by Crafty Caitie

These cute handmade masks are perfect stocking stuffers! At as low as $5 a mask for some designs, these are SUPER affordable gifts for kids that will give them countless hours of entertainment as they dress up & pretend play!


Color Matching Toys by Wonders Journey

Wonders Journey has loads of sensory & educational toys that are simply designed for big fun! Great for preschoolers and toddlers, these color matching toys give kids hours or endless fun & possibilities for open ended play.

Sensory Friendly Stuffed Monsters by yours truly, Lu & Ed

I know, a shameless self plug, but I have gifted sensory friendly stuffed monsters as stocking stuffers for a decade now and they are ALWAYS a hit! Most of my stuffed monsters are around $25 or less, so they're super affordable, too! I also have blind bag options for those YouTube obsessed kiddos, too!

Pretend Play Toys by Huckleberry Creek Toys

From holistic health sets to play mats & peg dolls, Huckleberry Creek Toys has some of the cutest waldorf/montessori toys I've ever seen!

Belt Bags from Love Lane Designs

From dragon and butterfly wings to super hero capes and knight shields, Love Lane Designs has some of the most lovely dress up clothing I've ever seen, but these belt bags take the cake for adorable and functional toys your kids can use year round!

Crinkle Toys from Mouse Loves Pig

Perfect for the tiniest humans on your shopping list! Cute & organic.

A Plush Pet Friend from Star Participant & Mx. Kitters

These soft plush friends have a vintage heirloom quality to them while also being cute and edgy to fit modern appeal to kids and tweens!

Quiet Book Page Kits by Quiet Book Queen

Grab a binder and build your toddler a cute quiet book for road trips, doctor's appointments, or screen free play time! These are excellent gifts for parents of littles that are always on the go.

A Tiny Baby Yoda by Freak and Pocky

For the old geeky kids on your list, these collectible Poppets by Freak and Pocky make amazing room decor but they also stand up to gentle play - my daughter has several of Kelly's large Poppets (available by custom order only) and has played with them for over 2 years!

Peg Dolls by Tiffany Lee Studios


How adorable are these Alice in Wonderland Pegs?! My 5 year old has a ton of these peg dolls and they get involved in all sorts of play - from sensory play with slime and sand to the doll house and play mats on road trips.

Magical Wooden Animals & more from Outside Everywhere

These wooden toys are by far my favorite with their soft whimsy design and pastel hues. They are perfect for new parents or as gifts for toddlers, and there's dozens of animals to choose from - even less popular animals, like puffins, meerkats and anteaters! You can also use them in homeschooling when learning about different ecosystems and countries. The possibilities are endless!

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I will keep adding to this list as I think of amazing shops everyone should know about, so check back soon and share this list with your parent friends or anyone you know shopping for kids this year!

Spreading the word about handmade shops during the holiday season is one of the only ways we are discovered - we can't compete with big businesses who can pay $40,000 for a single ad campaign, so our content tends to get buried during the holiday season. So if you see a post from a small business you like, please like, comment, and tag a friend on it! And if you want to support your favorite small shops this year but don't need an item, ask for their Venmo or PayPal and send them a monetary donation to help keep them chugging along! <3

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