Hi, I'm Cody, the mama & maker behind the monsters!

I'm a single mom of two kiddos, a 7 year old and a 18 year old! We live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, near Asheville.

As a single parent, I know how important functional, easy to use storage is to a parent/caregiver's sanity! Clutter from toys, books, and children's clothes can be so overwhelming & mentally exhausting, and teaching kids to pick up can be even more of a chore than picking the mess up yourself. That is why I created Mon-stor Toy Storage Bags! They are storage containers shaped like monsters that kids "feed" their messes to, making cleaning up quick, easy and FUN.

I run a fully sustainable business - the scraps from the Mon-stor storage bags get used to make sensory friendly stuffed monster toys & other products, and the scraps from those are used until they're so tiny, they become stuffing! These toys are sewn with love and integrity, made to be played with daily, taken to the park, given rides on sleds, slides and bikes, buried in the sand box and thrown across the room - err, flown through space to escape the dinosaurs invading the space ship, of course. And if they get dirty? They're totally machine washable, then lay them out to "sun bathe". Once they've air dried and had a nap, they're ready to play again!

Since all Lu & Ed monsters are made from textile discards, they are all one of a kind - each one as unique as the child who adopts them!

Thinking outside the box - another way I try to save the world!

Instead of purchasing packaging supplies that are created in a high energy factory that produces air pollution and tons of waste, I collect and recycle food boxes by flipping them inside out and using them for shipping. This reduces landfill waste, energy consumption & pollution.

Want to learn more?

You can follow me on Facebook, TikTok or Instagram for behind the scenes sneak peeks, previews of monsters before they go live & snippets of my life as a mama & a maker + discussion of all things toy storage, motherhood & more!