Stuffed Monsters 12 Pack for Party Favors & Sugar-Free Halloween Treats

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  • This is a listing for a batch of 12 6" from top to toe stuffed monsters for holiday gifting, party favors, sugar-free gifts for class room birthday parties, and more!
  • The current turn around time for party favors is 2-4 weeks
  • There is no need for kids to be afraid of these super cute plush monster toy! Children love the bright colors and happy smiles of Lu & Ed monsters, and moms will love that they are totally eco-friendly, handmade with upcycled fabrics - making each Lu & Ed stuffed monster as unique as the child who adopts them!
  • Lu & Ed stuffed monsters encourages children to use their imagination for creative play, making them perfect for child led learning environments & unplugged play. They are specially designed to help encourage early learning & provide comfort for children of all ages through sensory stimulation with the various textures, colors & uniquely shaped features of each monster. Smaller children love to count their monster's  eyes & teeth on each monster & to learn to identify the different colors use on it's mouth, eyes, body & hair. With their stuffingless limbs, these adorable & fierce little monsters make great comfort toys to cling to, to keep scary things at bay like storms or bad dreams!
  • Brighten a kid's room or pull together a nursery or play room with a shelf full of colorful stuffed monsters in various sizes.
  • Lu & Ed stuffed monsters are the perfect size for snuggling at bedtime, on car trips & as a companion to take to the park or for play dates. Their bright colors make them difficult to lose, which is always a plus for the on-the-go mom!